New bereavement group

This new group is for people who have lost a family member or colleague, who was a nurse, to suicide

The charity Doctors in Distress which focuses on protecting the mental health of UK healthcare workers by providing peer support, is launching a new bereavement group which offers a confidential space for people to talk about losing a family member or colleague who was a nurse to suicide.

Coming to terms with a sudden and often unexpected death can be a very troubling time for the bereaved. Space to Think offers a confidential space for participants to think about the loss of a nurse as a result of suicide.

It is almost always the case that struggling to make sense of why this happened can feel like a very lonely place to be. As a member of a group of others who are experiencing these same difficult feelings you will be not be on your own. Knowing that you are not on your own can provide the support that is needed in the process of thinking about where you are now. The group is a powerful way of managing this process at a very difficult time and as preparation for the future.

The groups will take place every Thursday from 2nd May-6th June, from 7:30-9:00PM via Zoom and will be led by a professionally trained facilitator.

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