Media project launches to share life-changing and life-saving stories across Greater Manchester

A new media project will turn ordinary citizens into reporters to shine a light on the helping hands that have given hope to people when they most needed it.

The “Communities of Hope” news team will share life-changing and life-saving stories of people on the brink who have found hope from the support given by people and places across the region: from football teams and fitness clubs to choirs and community groups.

Reporters will use a range of media platforms from print, audio, photography, and film; going on location across Greater Manchester to share these stories thanks to a partnership between media social enterprise, Yellow Jigsaw, and NHS Greater Manchester’s Shining A Light on Suicide campaign.

We know there are many amazing people and groups in communities across Greater Manchester making a real difference. This help can save lives and we look forward to shining a light on the support being offered. Adele Owen, Suicide Prevention Lead at NHS Greater Manchester

We’re driven by the belief that every story has the power to inspire hope. Through this project, we aim to show those who are struggling – be it from loneliness, money worries, bereavement, family breakdown or mental health issues – that there is amazing work happening in each borough in Greater Manchester to support people and inspire hope. We’ll be talking to people who took the first step that made all the difference to understand how they did it and the impact it had. Kirsty Day, media director

People of all ages from each borough are encouraged to join the Communities of Hope news team to help us highlight the help available in their communities making a difference.

A mini media skills and information session will run on Thursday, May 2, between 2pm-4pm at Central Library in Manchester and an online drop-in information session on Wednesday, May 1 at 7pm.

For more information please contact